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    Casta chair by Sancal

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    Casta by Sancal

    Sancal Casta - Contract Furniture Store


    The Casta designed by estudi{H}ac, part of the Gráfica Collection by Sancal launched in Milan, with new textiles and sizes for a family of chairs based on a castanet, one of the most emblematic Spanish instruments: the image of a lady clapping together two halves of clam-shaped wood is famous the world over.

    Just as two halves of clam-shaped wood are clapped together with a castanet, the chair’s curved metal structure is made of two elements that have been welded into place.

    The Casta's  light structure is a radical departure from traditional thick, padded solutions for a chair. Now available with a vast array of contract fabric choices, eliminating the need for elastic or leather webbing. The cushions are integrated into the cover itself to provide the comfort that you would expect from a Sancal product.

    Certainly "Elegant and emphatic as the sound of the castanets" with full details now available at our Contract Furniture Store.

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