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    The Gráfica Collection from Sancal

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    The Gráfica Collection from Sancal

    Five years ago Sancal decided to present each new collection with a title reflecting their inspiration at the time. The Gráfica Collection conveys their passion for illustration and their respect for the discipline of graphic design.

    Their enthusiasm for art is well established, and was recently reaffirmed when they contracted the services of mural artists Ricardo Cavolo, Agostino Iarucci and Zosen to commemorate 40 years of Sancal.

    Although they were designed independently, the new products are versatile and work well together. However, what really brings them all together as “Gráfica” is the environment in which they are presented.

    The artists Juan Ibáñez and Elena Castaño have brought together geometric forms and textures in their creations. They have drawn from Sancal’s industrial surroundings: grey cement provides a canvas for an array of colourful forms.

    The Gráfica Collection introduces eight totally new products to Sancal: the REW, a sofa / bench system and the Nap sofa-bed have been designed by Rafa García; the Barnaby sofa and armchair by Perrine Vigneron & Gilles Belley; the Collar chair by Skrivo Studio; the Silla40 chair and the Tartana acoustic dome by Nadadora as well as the Bang! bi-colour cushions by Elena Castaño-López and the Perigallo stool designed by their own in-house team.


    Moreover, they have new pieces for familiar products: the Pion range now has a dining table with a new colour from Ionna Vautrin; the Nido by Rafa García is now available with metal feet and Juan Ibáñez has added a bench to the Nudo tables. Last, but not least, José Manuel Ferrero has designed a Tea bar stool and Casta dining chairs.



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