The Susy, a Chameleon amongst Chairs March 25 2015

The Susy, a Chameleon amongst Chairs

Red Source UK showcases the simple, affordable, but so complex Susy Range at the Contract Furniture Store.

The Susy chair and stools are available in a multitude of Colours, Finishes & Bespoke Sizes either with or without Upholstery.

There are so many choices to make with RAL colours, Vintage & Industrial finishes or just simply settle for Natural.

If you then want to add Upholstery, then the variants are endless, all at affordable prices and manufactured in Italy.

This enables the Susy chair and stools to be so flexible that they can be used not only in schools, colleges and universities, where they were designed for, but also bars, restaurants, hotels & cafés.

Our collections cover the very best of Furnishings, from indoors to outdoors, modern to traditional, off the shelf genuine Brands to your own creative Bespoke.

Big Brands just got decidedly cheaper…Bespoke easier...

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