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    The Majestic Collection from Sancal

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    The Majestic Collection from Sancal

    Red Source UK working with Sancal to present their latest creations, The Majestic Collection.

    It is a tongue-in-cheek look at majesty using the profusion of decorative styles from other periods, reviving sensations through the careful curation of materials and forms.

    Their instinct told them that it was high time they revealed their sophisticated side, but how could they conserve the humour and fresh design that defines them?

    The result is an intentionally impossible, almost surreal, scenography: a palace-like environment that is inspired by the ancient “golden ratio”, decorated with objects that are obviously false. A chic, innovative look, far from the staid perpetual reproduction of the past that is so often pushed as elegant.

    Joking aside, this is a serious, refined collection. The rich use of materials is as important to them as the lines of the pieces themselves. Soft velvet, the scent of leather, the detail of marquetry and the shine of metallic colours like copper or silver breathe life into this collection.

    As if enchanted, the products each have their own personality: the mini armchair Tonella, by the Swedish design studio Note, pays tribute to one of Sancal’s first pieces.

    Yonoh’s Mosaico occasional table and seating system enables a seemingly infinite number of permutations.

    The Vichy dining and poseur tables by French designers BrichetZiegler boasts its full spread of marquetry.

    Although, without a doubt, the star of the show is the Tiptoe sofa - by one of Sancal’s favourite designers Rafa García - suspended on slim legs.

    The Collar chairs and Nudo tables have also had new pieces added to their families.

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