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    From convertible coffee tables to extendable dining tables

    • 1 min read

    Transforming tables are a space saving solution which are becoming increasingly popular.

    Our newest addition to the store is a family of multi-functional products designed with a great passion for intelligent space. Doubling tops, heights adjustable to the millimetre, innovative functions, patented mechanisms, which all work cleverly to improve the use of the reduced spaces of our contemporary habitat or surroundings.

    Davinci transforming table

    The primary leader has to be Davinci, the transforming box; it turns into an extendable dining table and perfect for any restaurant or hotel, that needs a "jack in the box" furniture solution for those special occasions when you get outnumbered.

    Tavoletto convertible coffee table

    A mega rival will be Tavoletto, the transforming coffee table; it turns into a dining table or even a bed, for those really tight student accommodation spaces, where "every inch or centimetre counts" when you are up against it.

    Optimal solutions, automatic & deceptive!

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