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    FUTURA Collection by Sancal

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     Look to the Past to see the Future...

    Sancal’s Futura Collection is a bold reinterpretation of 60's Futurism.


    The 60's was a time of revolution and rebirth, the big bang that ignited so much of the popular culture that we now take for granted. It was a time when industrial design came of age, mastering new materials to create titillating visions of a bright new world that seemed almost within reach. At a time when the globe stands at another crossroads, Sancal revisits the optimism of the Space Age.

    Set in this Age, the new products challenge to be the icons of tomorrow’s world. Futura Collection features five totally new designs and two updates, together with a series of artistic objects.

    Sancal Tortuga - Contract Furniture Store

    TORTUGA by Nadadora, a range of lounge chairs in which time stands still.

    Sancal Vesper - Contract Furniture Store

    VESPER by Sebastian Herkner, a range of dinning and coffee tables with a pebble-like base.

    Sancal Obi - Contract Furniture Store

    OBI by Rafa García, a mattress-like sofa, inspired by a kimono’s soft bow.

    Sancal Dúplex - Contract Furniture Store

    DÚPLEX by Mut, a group of coffee tables inspired by the architecture of Mies van der Rohe and FJ Wright.

    Sancal C1-C4 - Contract Furniture Store

    C1-C4 by Elena Castaño-López, new scatter cushions with a nod to the pioneers of abstract art.

    Sancal Tonella - Contract Furniture Store

    TONELLA by Note, The petit lounge chair gives birth to a full-size armchair and sofa!

    Sancal Silla40 - Contract Furniture Store

    SILLA40 by Nadadora, featuring metal feet and a version with arms. 

    The future has arrived; the future is in our hands; the future is ours; we are the future; the future is here!

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    Sancal Futura Collection - Contract Furniture Store