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    Taking Care of the Planet with Maarten Plastic

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    Viccarbe, a Spanish contemporary furniture manufacturer, have always been committed to creating timeless pieces with a Mediterranean flair. Their collections go hand in hand with the best international designers to highlight their talent, the small details and the originality of their signature creations.

    They understand sustainability in design as the use of objects or products that are characterised by certain principles of economic and social sustainability, but mostly of ecological sustainability.

    Focusing on their Maarten Plastic chair designed by Victor Carrasco, they have started a new chapter.

    Viccarbe Maarten Plastic - Contract Furniture Store

    From now on, the shells of the black Maarten Plastic chairs will be made with 100% recycled and recyclable polypropylene. One more step in their journey to sustainability, optimising the production process of their pieces so that they generate the least possible environmental impact, using materials that are more respectful with nature.

    Viccarbe Maarten - Contract Furniture Store

    Maarten is a versatile, long-lasting and cost-effective chair, which is a popular choice for collaborative spaces, hospitality projects and residential properties. Spaces and entities that are committed to using timeless furniture that are more responsible and respectful to our planet.

    Viccarbe Maarten Plastic Sled - Contract Furniture Store

    Not forgetting the packaging, Viccarbe have for some time dispatched their pieces in boxes only made with a minimum of 80% recycled cardboard, to generate a lower impact on the environment without losing an iota of durability or resistance.

    Furthermore this year they have now established a new path to reduce plastic and protective polystyrene, replacing them with recycled cardboard.

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