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    Sancal's New Jungla Collection

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    Enter The Thicket

    This year Sancal have been inspired by nature in it's wildest state, having utilised the work by Egle Zvirblyte for their Milan exhibition stand, creating a jungle theme with illustrated vegetation and wild, fluffy beasts.

    Jungla Collection - Contract Furniture Store

    Leafy and dark, but with sparkling notes of colour, their new Jungla Collection reinterprets nature with a sense of humour that characterizes their approach to design.

    DB - Contract Furniture Store

    DB by Santiago Castaño.

    First up is DB, a Spanish acronym for Diamante en Bruto (rough diamond). Elena and Esther Castaño have joked about this nickname for years every time they settled into an old prototype designed by their father. A jewel to be discovered!

    Mullit - Contract Furniture Store

    Mullit by Yonoh.

    Do you love snuggling a soft and soothing cushion? This crazy idea of a ​​"cushion with legs" was the starting point for the design studio Yonoh. The result is Mullit, an original chair with a formal design.

    Mousse - Contract Furniture Store

    Mousse by Rafa García.

    The designer has put on his apron to offer us one of his sweetest recipes, Mousse, a wide ranging seating system to delight the senses.

    Tonella - Contract Furniture Store

    Tonella by Note.

    Sancal could not resist the temptation to introduce a new member in the coquettish Tonella family. On this occasion, the Swedish design studio Note presents the stool, the most slender and light product in the range.

    La Isla - Contract Furniture Store

    La Isla by Note.

    In their last voyage they discovered a group of small islets - auxiliary tables - which complete the award winning La Isla archipelago.

    Tortuga - Contract Furniture Store

    Tortuga by Isaac Piñeiro.

    Following its evolution, the designer adds a dining table to this timeless range. As in the armchairs and auxiliary tables, it uses the same leg construction.

    Dumbbell - Contract Furniture Store

    Dumbbell by Estudio Sancal. 

    An exercise in design; a wide collection of tables inspired by the symmetry and strength of dumbbell weights.

    Nido - Contract Furniture Store

    Nido by Rafa García.

    Sancal increase the Nido product family with a chair as light and simple as its predecessor. Just like the original armchair, a nest, serving as a refuge and protection for a large number of species, has been the inspiration.

    Cosas 1 - Contract Furniture Store

    Cosas 2 - Contract Furniture Store

    Cosas by Estudio Sancal & Co.

    And finally Cosas is a new line of lifestyle accessories that are designed to brighten up the world. Launched with unique textile products, there will be no limit to the materials or type of object in this range. Here, as an appetizer, the Lindo Gatito - a ferocious blanket-cushion plus Flower Power textile vases.

    Cosas 3 - Contract Furniture Store