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    Volcanic Lava Stone Ceramic Tables

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     Volcanic Lava Stone Ceramic Tables

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    The term lava ceramic is commonly referred to an object of Basalt lava, which has a tiled surface decoration. In fact this decorative technique in a specialist area of Italy is more correctly referred to as majolica or Maiolica on lava stone.

    Thanks to the particular aesthetic potential due to ceramics, together with the considerable mechanical resistance and physics of basalt, lava stone with ceramic coating is used for the production of tables, tops for kitchens and bathrooms, floors, mosaics, shower trays, sinks and tiles.

    The processing of stone and volcanic lava is divided into several stages, all performed by hand: cutting, glazing, decorating, glazing and firing double to more than 1000 degrees.

    This makes the material suitable for any indoor and outdoor environment, since they do not undergo any variation if exposed to snow, rain, sunshine and salt air. Additionally, it has excellent resistance to shocks, it does not absorb any kind of substance, it does not stain, does not change in contact with sources of heat such as fire, hot pans or acidic solutions and has a superior level of scratch resistance to marble.

    Traditionally when used for Tables, there was a classical look to them, but as design and a mixture of materials come into play, many more contemporary styles can be created.

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    You can even combine the aesthetic design of these tops with existing bases.

    Domiziani Pièr - Contract Furniture StoreClassical traditional gives way to modern contemporary designs.

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