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    Wireless Surface Charger

    Aircharge—Wireless Surface Charger

    • Anti-slip soft rubber ring to place phone or device on
    • Fits into 80mm hole in any surface
    • Can be retrofitted to standard 80mm desk grommets
    • Fits to a variety of desk/table thicknesses (18mm - 50mm)
    • Can be integrated with upholstered armchairs/sofas/pods
    • Finish/colour: Black/White/Leather/Wood Veneer – Nylon or Metal Surround
    • IP55 – water & dust proof
    • Qi certified - supports all Qi compatible devices and Aircharge accessories
    • Safety protections - Foreign Object Detection, Overcharge protection, Temperature Sensor Control
    • Can be secured to underside of work surface using steel plate and screws provided
    • USB power cable allows multiple units to be connected to hub (supplied separately)
    • Data connectivity for system monitoring, analytics & over-the-air updates
    • Input: DC 5V, 1500mA (plug must be this specification, minimum)
    • 2000 mA plug available separately: AIR0006 (UK), AIR0007 (EU), AIR0008 (US)
    • Power cable: 2m USB
    • Frequency: 100-200kHz
    • Optional extra's:-
      • Other finishes including black & white aluminium and gorilla glass
      • QR Web App launch for mobile services & marketing initiatives
      • Co-branding and bespoke full bleed colour & image printing
      • Battery pack
        • Unique solution including an intelligent charging rack and 5 rechargeable 18,000 mAh capacity battery pucks.
        • Modular design - When combined with an Aircharge Wireless Surface Charger a full ready to use wireless charging solution is formed (Surface Charges suitable for use with Battery Powered Product are sold separately)
        • Safe and easy to install, lock and recharge
        • Interchangeable battery pucks for rapid swap out
        • Key-secured twist and lock mechanism for safe and easy deployment under the table or counter surface
        • Each battery puck guarantees 8 full charging cycles (Based on wirelessly charging Apple iPhone 6. A recharge cycle is defined as charging the battery from zero to 100%)
        • Create a new wireless charging experience - Perfect alternative to the mains power driven surface charger solution where direct access to power is not available.
      • Wireless charging receivers
      • Airbridge
      • Point of display blocks
    • Lead times 1-2 days
    • QuickShip
    • Minimum Quantities apply and All Prices exclude VAT & Delivery

    Coloured Leather
    Wood Veneer Stains