Sancal's New Enigma Collection Decoded July 03 2017

The True Stars of Enigma

Sancal presented six new products and one concept set, against enthralling scenography, specially devised for this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano.


Deep, Isla, Magnum, Beetle, Tortuga Mini, Pion Petra and Estante comprise the Enigma Collection; the firm’s most theatrical to date.

Sancal Deep - Contract Furniture Store


Deep by Rafa García. A modular sofa that goes back to basics to provide maximum comfort in a compact space.

Sancal Isla - Contract Furniture Store

La Isla by Note. An enticing destination in a sea of nothingness.


Sancal Magnum - Contract Furniture Store

Magnum by Estudihac. Jose Manuel Ferrero, the “gentleman designer”, has drawn inspiration from the glasses of cognac that members of exclusive London clubs cradle in their hands.

Sancal Beetle - Contract Furniture Store

Beetle by Mut.  Soundscapes sculpted by beautiful insects.

Sancal Estante - Contract Furniture Store

Estante by Juan Ibañez. Fabric, metal and wood. A smorgasbord of textures for a modular, sound-absorbent cabinet.

Sancal Mini Tortuga - Contract Furniture Store

Tortuga Mini by Nadadora. The theory of evolution started with the Galapagos Tortoise. Their own Tortuga, Spanish for tortoise, has undergone a mutation of its own with two new mini versions of the lounge chairs.

Sancal Pion - Contract Furniture Store

Pion Petra by Ionna Vautrin. Building on the success of the Pion range of tables, they have widened the range of finishes available. Ionna has used natural stone as a new material and colour inspiration.

Sammy Slabbinck - Contract Furniture Store

And of course, the visual impact wouldn't be the same without the bizarre collages of Sammy Slabbinck!

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